Our Mission: An Open Letter to Dentists

Over the last 27 years or so, we have watched dentistry degrade itself. Dentistry degraded itself because dentists didn't know the right way to promote dentistry. Since most new patients ask how much things cost - dentists everywhere thought you had to use some kind of a deal to get the phone to ring. This was the beginning of the slow steady slide into the abyss.

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, for the past 27 years...

Our firm (New Patients, Inc.) has proven in thousands of markets in 5 countries - you don't have to use price incentives to get good new patients to call your practice! In fact (read: statistical fact), the fewer financial deals you communicate, the BETTER the new patient and the higher the practice revenues grew!

Logistically, NPI can only manage a few hundred full service marketing clients at a time. But we want to share what we know with all of dentistry, so everyone can benefit. Our challenge (our higher calling if you will) was to take what we've learned about promoting the benefits of today's dentistry, all of the content, all of the testing, all of the market research, and make it available to ALL of dentistry! This was the birth of the development of Dental Web Content.

We look at Dental Web Content as our way of arming dentists with effective dental advertising who refuse to be dragged into the abyss. Or, dentists who feel trapped in the abyss, and want to climb out!

Either way, the bigger winner in all of this is the patient. The patient who wasn't aware of the wonderful benefits of today's dentistry, but learned just in time to potentially save their life, or at a minimum make them happier and healthier.

Howie Horrocks and Mark DilatushHowie Horrocks - Founder/CEO - New Patients, Inc.

Mark Dilatush - President/Partner - New Patients, Inc.

"Every endeavor worthy of your resources requires a higher purpose."

How did operating New Patients, Inc. drive the development of Dental Web Content?

Dental Web Content - Our StoryAt NPI, we collected result data in hundreds of markets in 5 countries, for decades. We have learned (on a very predictable statistical level) what dental advertising content works and what content does not work. What consumers like and what consumers don't like. What consumers want to see or hear and certainly what consumers DO NOT want to see or hear when choosing a new dentist.

In short, predictability of outcome drives marketing costs down and revenues from new patients, up.

Our Story at Dental Web ContentWhy did you build Dental Web Content?

At New Patients, Inc. we can only really work with a few hundred clients. Beyond that, the business becomes much more difficult to manage.

There are 151,000 dentists, just in the United States. Most of those dentists are needlessly promoting their practices based primarily on providing the best "deal" (financial incentive) in their marketplace. This is a mistake. This is hurting their practices. This is hurting the industry as a whole. All they need is access to proven effective and positive dental advertising content.

Dental Web Content simply makes using effective and positive dental advertising content easier and more efficient for more dentists.