The Dental Consumer Unraveled

Have you ever seen a spreadsheet worth millions of dollars?

Our Marketable Attributes Sheet can be yours for FREE!

Dental Marketable Attributes Sheet - New Patients Inc.

You use the data to:

  1. Design the right marketing message in a single piece of advertising.
  2. Create the best statistical mix (outcome) of messages within all of your advertising.

The data tells you:

  1. What the consumer cares about.
  2. What the consumer does not care about.

The data contained within the scorecard is the product of:

  1. Independent dental consumer market research.
  2. Millions of dollars in direct testing of advertising content on dental consumers in 5 different countries.

This spreadsheet is worth millions of dollars because it cost millions of dollars to compile AND it SAVES dentists millions of dollars in mistakes, if the dentist uses the spreadsheet as a guide for his/her marketing message(s).