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LocalMed® Connect

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Appointment Scheduling 24/7/365

Fewer Missed Calls. Bonafide Appointments.

Patients love the convenience. You will too! LocalMed Connect works 24/7/365 on your website and within your social media to guide new and established patients toward making their appointment in your practice – all online.

How Does it Work?

1. Tell Us Your Scheduling Rules

Choose when, how, and what kind of appointment a patient can schedule. LocalMed Connect uses YOUR rules.


Dental Practice Online Scheduling for Websites

Dental Practice Online Scheduling

2. Patients Schedule with Ease

Patient makes their next appointment within the comfort of their living rooms, offices, or anywhere using their computer or smartphone.

3. Receive Real-Time Updates

This is more than a web form. This is real-time, real integration, with your practice management system.

You will not receive double or triple bookings. You will not receive phantom appointments in your practice management software.


Dental Office Online Appointment Scheduling

Dental Practice Online Scheduling

Office Benefits

Added New Patients to Your Practice
Patients are busy. What's the first thing a potential new patient does when they get a voicemail? They hang up. The ability to schedule an appointment online, at any time of the day, gets them into your office.

Efficiency and Improved Return on Investment
19.8% of all new patient phone calls end as hang-ups on voice mail systems. If you take one weekday off, or turn your voice mail on at lunch, your practice is likely suffering the same way.

LocalMed Connect allows new patients (and existing patients if you wish) to schedule while you are unable to answer your phone. Squeeze more out of every marketing dollar!

Dental Patient Online Scheduling

Improve Retention and Patient Interaction
Overdue established patients can make their next re-care appointment online! With new patients, the dental team has PLENTY of time to connect, discuss insurance, and answer questions about the practice, WELL in advance of their appointment. Dental team members LOVE LocalMed Connect.

Dental Practice Online Scheduling for websites 

Dental Practice Online Scheduling 

What happens after I purchase LocalMed Connect?
An onboarding team makes the first appointment, which takes around 20 minutes. After two or three days, there will be another setup/instruction call. Your configured widget is emailed to you, which can be installed by your webmaster. You are ready to get more new patients!

Dental Practice Online Scheduling 

NPI Concierge Dentist Testimonials"Dentists know firsthand how difficult it is to find the time to sit down, make a phone call during working hours and schedule an appointment. Other working professionals have this very same problem which is why my patients love using LocalMed to schedule their appointments online. I get email notifications of a new patient scheduling at all hours of the day and night both week days and weekends. Without this service I may potentially be missing out on all of these new patient opportunities. I believe the draw of having this service available is definitely helping my start up to succeed."
— Dr. Emily Harding, Charlottesville Ivy Dental

NPI Concierge Dentist Testimonials"Partnering with LocalMed for scheduling appointments has provided a great service to our families. Parents rave about how easy it is to book an appointment - and they can do it 24/7. LocalMed integrates seamlessly with our Practice Mgt System, eliminating double-booking while getting the necessary insurance info prior to the appointment - which is important because over half are from new patients."
— Dr. Robert Delarosa, Dentist and President American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

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