How It Works

Video Tour

(Approximately 11 minutes)

This tour walks you through finding effective advertising content based on media type and dental subject. It shows a preview of an animated web video, how to put it in your backpack, and when to expect the customized version to be delivered.

Why Not a Live Demonstration?

What is Dental Web Content?

Dental Web Content is a subscription-based media center filled with proven, effective advertising content specific to dentistry. It has all been used and tested effective in the field, either in part or as a whole. Everything in the media center is organized and easy to find and use. Just click, choose, & use.

Who would use DWC?

Basically, anyone who promotes dentistry to anyone through any media outlet.

  • Dentists who promote their practices themselves.
  • Office managers or marketing directors of dental practices.
  • Dental website development companies.
  • Dental SEO companies.
  • Social media managers.
  • Consultants (for their clients) and specialists (as gifts for their referring GPs).

Why should I subscribe?

Speed and Efficiency
Log in, browse, pull off what you want, and place it wherever you are promoting your dental practice (Click, Choose, Use).

Using something proven to work is always better than trying many things and finding out later, none of them work!

Content on Demand
You might need a web page on implants. You might need social media posts for the month. You might need animated web video to go along with existing written content on your website. It's all right here. You don't have to create the concept, story board it, write it, review it, get the artwork for it, lay it out, proofread it, deploy it, test it - none of that stuff.

How do I make DWC unique to my practice?

EVERY Dental Web Content user is going to be encouraged to personalize the content. It is easy to do. It can be made almost automatic. The best way to describe how to make your content unique on the internet is to visualize a sandwich.

Dental Web Content is the meat, the cheese, and the dressing between the two pieces of bread. Basically, Dental Web Content is the yummy part. The top piece of bread is your intro. The bottom piece of bread is your exit. You get the idea!

What if I don't want to subscribe anymore?

We are very likable and reasonable people. You cannot survive as a marketing firm in dentistry for a quarter century by being unreasonable.

Just call us or email us and let us know why. Good, bad, or ugly, we want to hear it. Beyond telling us why, we will have a look at your usage within the account. If you are on time with the customizations and we haven't incurred unfair expenses on your behalf, we will cancel your subscription right away.