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Our Higher Moral PurposeSubscription based dental marketing materials - Online & Offline

We effectively promote the benefits of today's dentistry, while ELEVATING the consumer's overall perception of dentistry.

Every business should have a reason to be in business that has nothing to do with making money. Our higher moral purpose in all of our companies is consistently the same.

In short, our clients successfully advertise their dental practices, without advertising the lowest price or the best "deal" to get the phone to ring. If you are a dentist reading this, let that sink in and consider how powerful this advantage could be for your dental practice.

DWC Team

Howie Horrocks - Dental Web ContentDental Web Content is a natural progression of New Patients, Inc. New Patients, Inc. was started by the man on the left, Howie Horrocks, in 1989. New Patients, Inc. (known as NPI in the dental industry) is a full service dental marketing firm. NPI handles all of the analysis, strategy, marketing plan development, design, production, deployment, and result tracking for their dentist clients. NPI has hundreds of clients, works in 5 different countries (mostly in the US), and aggregates the result tracking for all of those clients in all of those markets on a continual basis (key). Howie Horrocks is the creative leader of New Patients, Inc. and Dental Web Content.

You can e-mail Howie at, or call (702) 749-4244 ext. 307.

Mark Dilatush - Dental Web ContentThe man in the picture to the left is Mark Dilatush. Mark is Howie's business partner at New Patients, Inc. as well as Dental Web Content. Howie leads the creative half of the businesses while Mark handles the business/practice management half. You might say (and people have), the two of them together make one really good brain.

You can e-mail Mark at, or call (702) 221-2184.

Heather McCarleyWithout our team (led by VP of Operations, Heather McCarley - left), we are just two guys who make one really good brain. We have a world class internet department, a legion of graphic designers, a team of advisors who help dentists develop/define their marketing plans, copy writers, animation artists, animated video creators, marketing managers, and the best in class customer service team. Think of our customer service team as campaign managers. They make what's supposed to happen - happen, according to the strategy and deployment timing.

You can e-mail Heather at, or call (702) 475-6004 ext. 301.

Lee Buzard - New Patient IncWhen our DWC clients need assistance with their project, our full service marketing division at NPI is there to help. Lee Buzard, VP of Professional Services - left, heads the NPI analysis/strategy department. He and his team are responsible for building client marketing plans that pose the least risk to your marketing budget with the highest potential return on investment. They have spent years gathering data, studying it, determining your best marketing strategies and documenting those results. We can then explain those results in detail in order to give your campaign the best chance for success.

You can e-mail Lee at, or call (702) 799-9016 ext. 309.

Senior AdvisorAs a senior advisor at NPI, Sal focuses on analyzing prospective client market areas, and the competition within those areas, then offers/explains products and services to the prospective new client that make the most sense in their particular situation. Sal's work reduces risk and provides the best impact for the client's marketing dollar.

Prior to joining the NPI Team, Sal worked as a Bank Manager for Wells Fargo Bank. He is currently the Vice President for Capital K9 Association, a 501(c)(3) that provides ballistic vests and safety equipment for Police K9s across the nation. Sal enjoys spending time with family and friends, animals, traveling, hiking, camping, kayaking, and just about anything outdoors.

You can e-mail Sal at, or call (702) 749-4059.

Terry Aley - Graphic Designer - Dental Web ContentTerry Aley has won both local and national awards for his work as a graphic designer and art director. He has over 28 years of experience working in advertising, marketing and graphic design, and began working with New Patients, Inc. in 2003. He is a 1989 graduate of Northwest Missouri State University, with a B.A. in Journalism, minor Graphic Communications.

Terry directs the flow of the website department, as well as conceptualizes the visual aspects of the print, brochure, social media, traditional video and advertising content found on DWC.

You can e-mail Terry at, or call (702) 221-2184.

Mike Browne - Custom Animated Videos CreatorMike Browne creates the animated video content for DWC. He is an award-winning cartoonist, character designer, 2D animator and inventor with hundreds of short films under his belt. He produces each title using "Whiteboard Animation", available with male and female voice-over. Memba & Gumbo are two favorite characters. They are elephants that take care of their tusks.

You can e-mail Mike at, or call (702) 221-2184.

Jane Kriensky - Dental Web ContentJane Kriensky has been involved in the dental industry spanning many years; she started as a back office dental assistant transitioning to include front office positions and managing dental practices. On the industry side she has been involved with teaching dental assisting, training and consulting on dental equipment and products highly recognized in the dental industry. To further hone her skills in the field she has been involved with helping dentists promote their practice through marketing, advertising and staff coaching. She has the pleasure to work with a great team at DWC in the capacity of editing and customizing the written content.

You can e-mail Jane at, or call (702) 221-2184.

Sharron Swan - New Patients Inc & Dental Web ContentSharron Swan is an innovative marketing specialist with 18 years of experience in web design and online marketing. She has also been an instructor in the field of software, marketing, and web development for over a dozen years. The provider of social media content coordination for Dental Web Content, she also heads up tech support for both DWC and NPI, serves as NPI's Internet Department head, and provides all of the website coding for our clients. Sharron lives in southeastern British Columbia.

You can e-mail Sharron at, or call (702) 221-2184.