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Become the Review Leader in Your Area

You want your patients to be digital advocates of your practice. You want them to be your online crusaders! Many dental practices struggle with getting patients to leave positive reviews at all, let alone on the right websites. With NPI Crusader, the struggles are over.

Crusader Does it All

NPI Crusader - Online Reputation Management 

1. Share Good Reviews Automatically

NPI Crusader will send your patients a text either after their appointment or at 7pm in the evening.

All good reviews will automatically be posted where they matter: Google, Facebook, Yelp, and HealthGrades.


2. Not-So-Good Feedback Goes Back to You

Should you receive a bad review, it will be filtered back to you instead of online. This allows you, the owner, to address any possible miscommunications and leave your patient much happier.



More and Better Reviews

Prospective patients care more and more about reviews before making a decision. NPI Crusader allows you to be the review champ in your area.

Team Members are Notified of All New Reviews (Good and Not So Good)
Crusader keeps your staff up to date about what your patients are saying about them, which helps them engage patients online and create more valuable relationships.

Fully Automated. Requires Zero Upkeep.
Office automation frees up your staff to work on what really matters – your patients. This creates better experiences, and therefore, even more reviews.


NPI Crusader is very affordable. Bundling with Dental Web Content gets you the very best monthly price, every time, for both products.


Crusader Plus - Replace Your Current Email/Text System
Crusader Does More!

Email and/or text:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Individual patients
  • All of your patients
  • Selected group of patients
  • 6 month overdue recall patients
  • 12 month overdue recall patients
  • Customizable newsletters
  • And more!


Dental Practice Online Reputation Management - Dental Reviews

Dental Practice Online Reputation Management

Dental Practice Online Reputation Management  Dental Practice Online Reputation Management 

What happens after I purchase NPI Crusader or Crusader Plus?
An onboarding team calls your practice. It takes about 40 minutes to upload the software and set up your specific settings.

You are ready to get more and better Google reviews!

  NPI Crusader - Online Patient Reviews Generator  NPI Crusader - Online Patient Reviews Generator