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The Best Formula for Radio Advertising

If you are considering using radio advertising to attract patients to your practice, you might benefit from our experience. Here is what we have found to be the best formula for radio advertising, giving the best results. What we’re presenting here is the ideal. Of course you may not always be able to achieve the …

What’s Wrong with Emergencies?

Occasionally I pound my spoon on my high chair about some aspect of dental marketing that I feel is being overlooked or under-considered. In this issue my spoon bashing rant is about emergency patients. It’s called: “Why do so many dentists hate emergency patients?” Subtitled: “What’s wrong with making some good dough today?” Yes, I’ve …

What is Dental Web Content?

Dental Web Content is a subscription-based media center filled with proven, effective advertising content specific to dentistry. It has all been used and tested effective in the field, either in part or as a whole. Everything in the media center is organized and easy to find and use. Just click, choose, & use.