#47: Mail Bag and Special Announcement

In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we answer a few questions we received and give a special announcement.


Podcast Highlights:

We just attended the “Get it Done Weekend”¬†and it was great! It is a great place for dentists to get all of their requirements done in one day.


How Do I Defend Against Illegitimate Reviews?
  • Practice Management and Marketing
  • What the¬†web surfer sees
  • Who leaves illegitimate reviews?
  • The amount of positive reviews it takes to counterbalance these bad reviews
  • How to get more reviews
  • How do you respond to bad reviews?
Is All Mail Dead?
  • No way!
  • Statistics on mail
  • Are you using clipper? A value pack?
  • The difference between good mail and bad mail (hint: It’s price incentives)
  • Which mail mediums are out?
  • The bell curve when some mail mediums become ineffective
  • What’s the ROI on good mail?
How Often Should I Email Patients? I Don’t Want to be a Spammer!
  • Separating what is promotional vs. what is internal
  • Newsletters vs. confirmations or recalls
  • The magic number is 4
  • Saying as much as you can
  • Promoting one thing at a time
  • Your mail formula for the next 2 years
  • Effective landing page use
  • NPI Concierge
Announcement: The ADA
  • We will be at the ADA!
  • October 19-23
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • We have a surprise for you!