#33: Four FREE Gifts for Your Practice

What’s this? It’s the holiday season, and we are giving away four free gifts for your practice.



Here are the gifts:

1. [Book] Unlimited New Patients, Volume 3

2. [Score Card] Marketable Attributes Score Card

  • A card for planning your marketing. Use this card to find out what your practice should be displaying in your marketing assets.
  • This score card shows what patients actually care about, discovered 20 years of client results and millions of dollars of independent consumer research
  • Can be found here: http://www.dentalwebcontent.com/marketable_attributes.html

3. [7-Hour Video Series] New Patients Inc. Marketing Summit

4. [Marketing Plan] Have a Marketing Plan Created for You

  • Get your FREE plan, created by one of our experienced advisors, here: http://newpatientsinc.com/dental_marketing_survey.html
  • Establish your new patient goals
  • Includes radius analysis around your practice, looking for high-quality new patient targets
  • A reasonable budget will be created
  • Recommendations to make your practice more marketable
  • Specific deployment instructions