Dental Marketing Mastery #15: What’s better, custom or cookie cutter? The surprising answer

In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, Mark and Howie continue their discussion of common mistakes they see Dentists make when marketing their practice. This episode focuses on custom vs. cookie-cutter advertising.



Podcast Highlights:

  • Understanding how your promotions look and sound
  • Is originality preferable to something that isn’t?
  • Left brained and right brained dentists
  • Why going with something new is not an ad campaign… it’s a test
  • Why cookie cutter does not mean bad, and original does not mean good
  • The right amount of customization in an ad
  • How most practices don’t have the time or money to do testing
  • The battle is NOT cookie cutter vs. customized
  • The power of templates
  • Evidence-based dental marketing
  • How the population perceives your practice based on its marketing